Filmstrack Review: Deadpool 2


Duration:  1Hr 59mins

Producer: David Leitch

Based on a Novel by: Marvel Comics

Release Date in Nigeria: 10th May, 2018


My saddest moment in this movie was when Vanessa Deadpool’s girlfriend got killed. What a sad end to an awesome relationship. Well Ryan Reynold (Deadpool) tried committing suicide by blowing up himself but he forgot “Even I can’t kill me”, Well that was what he said to Cable, Josh Brolin, or should we just call him “Thanos(Infinity Wars)”, sorry let just stick to Deadpool. After Cable’s family was killed by an older Collins (Julian Dennison) an unstable young mutant at an orphanage, labeled a “Mutant Re-education Center”. Cable, a cybernetic soldier travels back in time to kill Collins before he would kill his family in the future but Deadpool managed to protect Collins after denying him in the Ice Box(a Prison for Mutant). Deadpool recruits a group of mutant which he call X-Force and he tried to hijack the transport vehicle which Collins was inside. The entire X-force except Lucky Domino died after parachuting from a plane. Well just like her name she’s got luck on her side.

Deadpool and Lucky Domino managed to save Collins from Cable but Collins had already made friend with Juggernut who destroyed the whole convoy vehicle and is planning to take his revenge on the Orphanage Headmaster who use to abuse him. Deadpool manage to stop Collins from his first murder with the help of Colossus, Cable, Lucky Domino and several other X-men.

Box Office

This movie made a urge number in the Box office with about $732.6million, that is pretty high for a movie with a budget of $110million. that is a profit of about $622.6million that is massive.  Leave your comment below let us know what you think about this movie.



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