Filmstrack Review : Mile 22


This movie Plot is so well twisted, at first i thought this movie was going to be really boring because  the character positions was not clear at the beginning. However Mark Mahlberg monologue kept me glue to the movie.

From the producers of Lone Survivor, James Silva (Mark Wahlberg) a U.S Marine War Veteran leads a team called over-watch to infiltrate an FSB Safe house in the US for the search of a radioactive compound. Acting on the intel giving to Alice Kerr ( a divorced mother who is finding it hard to spend time with her daughter)

The  team Overwatch under the supervision of James Bishop, was tasked with locating and destroying a highly radioactive element called Caesium before it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

The raid on the Russian Safe House turn out to be a massacre and a young lad was killed in the process,unknown to the over-watch this lad is the son of a powerful Russian female General who is bent on getting revenge for her son’s death. Noor an high-level informant in a Southeast Asian country surrenders himself at the US embassy seeking refuge with disk in his hand. He claims the disk contain the location of the caesium and would trade it for a safe passage out of the country.

James Silva agrees to take Noor to the extraction point which is 22 Mile away but would face a very hostile force which would try to stop them for delivering the package (Noor) to the airplane for extraction. afterwards James Silva discovers that Noor is a Triple Agent on a Trojan Mission.

Cost of Production

The budget of this movie is a whooping $35Million , produced by STX films and Huayi Brothers the movie has made about $65.6million in box office since the release in August.


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