Filmstrack Review: The Island

We can boldly say we are proud to write about this movie. “THE ISLAND”  the concept of the movie is very simple but the thriller, action is amazing, featuring different range of actress and actors even the like of TBoss of Big Brother Nigeria was featured.  The movie portrayed the Nigerian way of life in a professional way.

The movie is about a military intelligence unit, Hamza (Segun Arinze), a colonel in the army intercepts a conversation between an unknown terrorist and an agent transacting a business deal on weapons sale. Triggered by an overwhelming excitement and eagerness to get the Intel to his commanding officer. Hamza makes the most shocking and terrifying discovery of his life.


The action packed movie is a TOKA McBaror Film produced by Daniel Cole and Freda Francis


Are you anticipating this movie? Well it here already.  Leave your comment in the comment section.



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