Review: The Hate U Give

A Hollywood movie that talks about pressures faced  by teens while growing up, but this is somewhat different. Though Starr Carter lives in poor black community she attends a school with lot of white children from wealthy homes. The problem started when Starr’s friend Khalil show up at a weekend party and the duo drove out. They were stopped by a white Police man who asked them to put their hands on the dashboard after which Khalil stepped outside as instructed by the Police man. Meanwhile the young lad while teasing Starr tried to reach for his comb and the next thing was a gunshot. Khalil died and what happened after was really not nice.

The Director of this wonderful movie is George Tillman Jr who has produce amazing movies in the past, e.g. (The Longest Ride) did a very good job in this Crime, Drama and thrilling movie.

From the very beginning of this movie I find it to be intriguing and entertaining, but there is one more thing I actually find interesting in this movie. It is very difficult to portray a very sensitive issue in a movie and not be heavily criticized, so i would say Robert Teitel, Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey did a fantastic job.

The movie Official Release Date was 19th October, 2018

Production Company: 20th Century Fox, Temple Hill Productions, State Street Pictures.

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