Upcoming Series: The Good Doctor 2

Before I saw this Series I was actually on Facebook and I saw someone post the trailer video where Doctor Shawn Murphy save the life of a young lad who was sprayed by shattered glass. That short trailer got my attention and since then I have been checking abc.com for more. One thing I admire about his character is the Memory. The Doctor Shawn Murphy is a Medical Doctor who’s condition does not stop him from becoming a very good doctor. Shawn who is autistic became a Surgeon because he could not save his younger brother when he was much more younger.

Well in every disability there is always an ability so Shawn is autistic but he has a photographic memory which makes it easy for him to detect several condition before it is too late

For those of us waiting for the second season, it is finally here. Scheduled to be released on the 24th of September,2018. Check www.abc.com for updates about this TV Series.

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